Ashley’s Blog #5

“Freud believes that a dream is an escape-hatch or safety-valve through which repressed desires, fears, or memories seek an outlet into the conscious mind. The emotion in question is censored by the conscious mind and so has to enter the dream in disguise” (Barry 94).

If texts function like dream-thoughts, then the author can present a text as if it were a map of his/her unconscious. What the author may not generally express could be found in-between the lines of the narrative. The text becomes some sort of “escape-hatch” or “safety- valve” through which they express and reveal things they would not have otherwise. For example, Junot Diaz creates a character who, in some ways, reflects his own individual interests. What Diaz does not do is explicitly express to the reader his anxieties of being a marginalized citizen. However, Diaz does express these anxieties–through Oscar and Yunior. Diaz seems to have created two characters who embody his thoughts, desires and fears– his repressed unconscious mind. Written texts are simply manifestations of implicit thought.

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