Mulvey – Cinema Response

“The cinema satisfies a primordial wish for pleasurable looking, but it also goes further, developing scopophilia in its narcissistic aspect.  The conventions of mainstream film focus attention on the human form.  Scale, space, stories are all anthropomorphic” (2087).

This line in particular highlights the dichotomy between male and female roles in the cinema.  I feel this line in particular has merit, but not the weight to encompass all films – particularly as the cinema evolves.  Many films have worked specifically to transcend this very boundary, while others continue to perpetuate the gender-defined ‘restrictions’ of film.

It does seem jarring, though, that through decades of film that the role of a female as the distracting, seductive temptress – that ‘freezes the flow of action’ – still continues to echo throughout the film industry.  Even films predicated on female characters seem to emphasize – or even underscore – the female physique, portraying the women in a way that makes them appear desirable.  Films that employ females in the action genre continue to inculcate the women as desirable, perhaps sexual characters.  It seems essential to depict women in roles that employ interpersonal dialogue exhibiting intelligence rather than physical dialogue emanating seductive undertones.  

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