Sorry this is late; I couldn’t get it to post from the coffee shop, so I’m trying again from home.


Lacan says that the mirror stage “establish[es] a relationship between the organism and its reality”


I think the word “relationship” is important here.  Every time I have heard the mirror stage invoked in a discussion, the focus has been on the disconnect that begins at this point, the recognition of the self as a separate entity, distinct from the parent, differentiated from the rest of the world.  This reading developed my understanding of the mirror stage’s impact on the individual beyond the idea that it [the mirror stage] represents the moment of that awakening in the infant.  


The recognition of oneself as separate and “see-able” and yet competent and fully-formed as a subject is, I think, more relevant to reading.  The boundary between self and other, between subject and object, is not simply a separation but a “relationship” in which an understanding of Not-Me informs the understanding of Me.  I think this elaboration helped me better apply the concept to reading–that is, to the process of understanding ‘reading’ as an interaction between a necessarily limited perspective and another necessarily limited perspective.

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